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Spark Cluster

Today, data comes in many shapes and sizes. When trying to leverage insights generated by “big data”, a Spark cluster can provide significant lift in efficiently distributing computation across different nodes. Standing up a Spark cluster on your own, however, is not an easy task, and can be a source of frustration for both Data Scientists and DevOps engineers. Skafos provides you with a configure-less, auto-scalable Spark cluster that works underneath the Data Engine to help wrangle data in your pipeline. All that is required is the inclusion of the spark-cluster AddOn in your configuration file. When your job runs, the spark cluster will automatically scale up based on your job's work load.

What is a Spark Cluster?

Spark is a cluster compute framework for data processing which means it operates as a single unit by utilizing a group of server instances to perform a task in an efficient manner. A spark cluster has a few important features that provide that extra boost for your data processing:

  • Speed - Network traffic is reduced through partitions that create a parallelized and distributed data processing system.

  • Lazy Evaluation - Lazy Evaluation contributes to speed by evaluating only when necessary. Computations are added to a Directed Acyclic Graph (ADG) representing task stages that are executed upon request.

  • Real Time Processing - Spark performs in-memory computation decreasing lag time.


A Spark Cluster is accessible to your jobs by working underneath the Data Engine to help wrangle data. Before you can start using this tool, you need to define the spark-cluster AddOn in your project's metis.config.yml file. Using the spark cluster to perform queries and transform data requires using the Data Engine, accessed through the SDK.

project_token: <project_token>
name: my_new_project
  - job_id: <job_id>
    language: python
    name: Main
    entrypoint: ""
  - name: spark-cluster

Spark Cluster Available Resources

All of your Projects within the same organization using the spark-cluster will share the resources available from the spark cluster. As resources are needed, the Spark cluster will automatically scale with a max memory of 140 GB and 40 CPUs. If your project needs more resources just ask!

Spark Cluster

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