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Machine Learning Delivered. A Machine Learning deployment platform built to unite Data Scientist, DevOps and Engineering.

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Operationalizing Data Science

At Metis Machine, we are passionate about the operationalization of Data Science. We’re leveraging our software engineering pedigree to build a product that serves Data Scientists and Engineers, while maintaining the best practices of collaborative, agile, and low-defect enterprise software development.

We understand wrangling infrastructure within a Data Science workflow can be even more frustrating than wrangling data. We also know how time consuming it is to develop and reliably deploy machine learning pipelines at scale. We searched for tools that could scale with our workflow, and found the market wanting.

So we built Skafos for ML delivery.

Skafos orchestrates your code, data, and any dependencies into a containerized job that is securely delivered to your products. Run a single monolithic project, or a series of jobs as micro services representing your data science workflow. Connect your existing data sources through our SDK. Power up your jobs with industry standard frameworks and your own data streams. Monitor the performance of your models in development, and the health of your models in production.

So quit worrying about infrastructure and go for it. We've got your back.